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Need Help Navigating Cancer or another long-term illness? 

Patients, survivors, employees and caregivers face many important questions and decisions about their care and how to navigate their return to the workforce. We provide resources to ease the burden and equip you with a whole new skill-  and mindset.

Navigating the journey through chronic illness
-Recharge, Restore, Renew: Occupational Therapy lead approach

We understand what it’s like living with a chronic illness… we’re here to help.
Nordic Trailblazers are committed to promoting wellbeing to the individual living with chronic illness and cancer and we are engaging employers to support a healthier and more productive workforce. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing employee health and the question we like to ask employers is:

Support navigating long term illness

Is your organisation prepared for the rising cost of healthcare?

Chronic illnesses account for up to 1/3 of all workplace sick absences
87% of line managers have not been given any training on supporting people with long-term conditions
Only 35% of line managers say that their organisation has an HR or Occupational Health workplace policy

Evidence is telling us

Research shows that exercise, nutrition, and community-based programmes help individuals recover more quickly and effectively from chronic illness
(Advanced Exercise Prescription for Cancer Patients and its Application in Germany, Schumann et al. (2020))

Mental Health 

Approximately 30% of cancer patients experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Having an emotional support system is critical to helping those recovering from cancer or other long-term health conditions.

How we are committed to help

We have developed a week-long long-term illness and cancer rehabilitation programme that provides personalised one-to-one coaching tailored to every individual who wants to remain active at work and in their daily life

The Organiser and Lead Therapist

Kristin is an Occupational Therapist, Certified and Accredited Life Coach and Public Health Expert with a passion for helping adults create life-changing transformations. With over twenty years of experience in the field, she specializes in providing one-on-one sessions focusing on health and general wellbeing, living with long-term illnesses, burnout recovery, resilience building and prevention. Her expertise includes providing guidance on daily activities and helping individuals balance their work and private life. She is committed to assisting people in creating positive changes and reaching their personal goals. Kristin is dedicated to her work and is passionate about helping people improve their lives. Kristin was a lead Occupational Therapist at the National University Hospital of Iceland, where she focused on long-term illnesses such as cancer rehabilitation and ALS/MND support.
Kristin is accredited by the Occupational Therapy Association of Iceland and Denmark, The Directorate of Health in both Countries and holds a Master's degree in Public Health and Professional Life Coaching.
Kristin is the lead consulting specialist for Kara Connect, a health and well-being platform which connects employees with coaches, counsellors, and therapists. It provides organisations with a suite of solutions enabling employees to access services which are tailored to their individual well-being requirementsþ
Kristin works with Accredited and qualified professionals who are fully committed to supporting her mission.


The Programme

This year the programme takes place in the Tatra Mountains of Poland and in and around Krakow. The focus will be on the coping mechanism and dealing with life- and, emotional changes, active living, nutrition, fatigue, exercise and walk and talk therapy.
Most of our clients are people living with chronic illnesses such as cancer.



Nutrient-rich meal plans are designed by our registered oncology nutritionists to promote better management and recovery from treatment-related symptoms



Dedicated health coaches provide personalised movement plans to reduce long-term illness and cancer-related fatigue, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve quality of life


Mental Health Booster

Each programme participant will have access to our cancer-informed qualified counselling psychologists led by experienced therapists and teachers, that have delivered over 30,000 hours of evidence-based therapy.
Our mental health support services are also available to carers. The provision of this will need to be agreed upon as an addition to the base package.

Our mission statement is

“We’re empowered by our mission to help those affected with chronic illnesses to live freer and more fulfilling lives”.
Our mission is also to improve the quality of life of people recovering from chronic illness and empower a sustainable return to work.


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