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A School in the Cloud


Nordic Trailblazers Icelandic School is an educational company that works in the field of languages, community education and vocational training. The main goal of the Icelandic School is to create an opportunity to study Icelandic for people who do not live in an Icelandic environment.

Another main goal is to offer diverse teaching in Icelandic and community education for immigrants. The organization of the program takes into account the fact that students live in different time zones and also the needs of working people and the business world at any given time. The uniqueness of The Icelandic School is that we are a school in the clouds and almost all of our activities are carried out through the secure web application Kara Connect.

NT Íslenskólinn is a Danish private limited company owned by Nordic Trailblazers and the school started its operations in 2018.

Quality matters
From the beginning, great emphasis has been placed on quality in all the work of the Icelandic School. We employ only trained Icelandic teachers and work according to the European language folder and the Icelandic Primary Curriculum.

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Our Services

Our Online Icelandic Tuition offers personalized classes designed to fit each student's individual needs and abilities. We offer four ten week modules throughout the school year and can accommodate both adults and children. For teenagers, we can also offer group sessions for a more interactive learning experience.

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